Sanni Koivisto (nee Uttula) is a Finnish photographer. She is currently based in Kauniainen, Finland. Sanni has always been interested in arts, traveling and exploring new things. She has been living in Frankfurt, Germany in 2009-2010 and in Los Angeles, USA in 2010-2014. She acquired an Associate of Arts degree in Photography from Santa Monica College (SMC) in the Spring 2013. She has been honored by being included on Dean’s List several times. She has also been working during her studies on campus as a lab tech in black and white lab and as a gallery sitter in photo gallery. Last year she was working in a photography store in United States.

She has experience from different formats, like 4×5 (film), 120mm (film and digitalback) and 35mm (film and digital). She also has experience from natural and studio lighting, Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as darkroom printing. Her work has been juried in the 33rd Annual Photography Exhibition at Santa Monica College, displayed in A Visual Symphony exhibition at Studio Five08 in Santa Monica, displayed in Student Portfolio Exhibition at Santa Monica College and published in two limited edition books.


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